Visit the Eagles at Tanglewood Preserve in RVC before they leave!

By Tatiana S. ~ Publisher and Editor of Macaroni Kid Long Beach-Oceanside-Rockville Centre & Macaroni Kid Five Towns-Valley Stream-The Rockaways May 20, 2021

We thought we would take a walk on a nice day. I thought of Tanglewood Preserve, a hidden gem where you can roam and explore. But on this day, lots of paths were closed and I was unsure why. I had parked on the street and saw some people pointing and looking into the preserve at something. I wondered what they were looking at.

After roaming a bit, listening to and seeing a variety of birds, and enjoying the small ponds and the tall trees on this lovely day, we saw the people pointing and staring again. We asked what were they looking at. Excitedly they told us to stand by a nearby sign (the best vantage point) and look ahead on the tallest pine tree. And so we did just that and saw this magnificent eagle perched high above. The nest was nearby. What a thrill!

Soon after, we met the lovely Weslyn and her cute niece Riley who come here often. Weslyn knew all about the eagle family. Apparently the father eagle travels to Hempstead State Park and gathers food for the family. The eggs have hatched and perhaps soon they will all leave. So now is a good time to go see them! It is free to walk around at the preserve. It is relaxing for you, and the kids will love climbing and running and more.

The Tanglewood Preserve
1450 Tanglewood Rd
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
(516) 764-0045

Also: The Center for Science Teaching and Learning (CSTL), is situated within Tanglewood Preserve—a nature preserve in Rockville Centre, NY. Our mission is simple: to encourage science learning and literacy in everyone, children as well as adults. We incorporate each of the three basic core sciences—Life science, Physical science, and Earth science —into an experience in a way that engages people, making learning a real adventure.

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